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  • Ductless Fume Hoods

    Airfiltronix builds top quality ductless fume hoods used in the fields of medicine, research and countless industries. We manufacture Ductless Containment Hoods or Fume Hoods, which are self-contained workstations that help to protect the operator's breathing zone from harmful airborne fumes and particulate.

    Our ductless fume hoods are equipped with a powerful and efficient fan that pulls the air through the hood's inlet and into the filtration membrane. The system is designed to keep harmful airborne contaminants away from the operator's respiratory zone. Various filter media is used depending on the type of chemical vapors/and or particulate that are generated. Since the air is recirculated, no exterior ducting is necessary. more

  • Tabletop Containment Hoods

    We offer a wide selection of portable tabletop fume hoods. These systems are designed to enclose materials and operations under negative pressure, thereby preventing airborne contaminants from escaping into the environment, and are easily moved from one place to another without a lengthy setup and take down time.

  • Fume Extractors

    Captures fumes and particles at the source

    The Scavenger Series ductless & portable fume extractors and particle extractors are an inexpensive solution to all small scale, yet potentially hazardous, fume and particle problems. These powerful yet quiet, fully portable fume extractors are ideal for use in spaces that are too small for conventional fume hoods.

  • Clean Air Hoods

    Localized class 100 clean space. Fraction of the cost.

    Systems like our RF-1000 portable tabletop cleanroom reverses the usual airflow direction to create a dust-free area. Rated better than Class 100 for highly sensitive samples or instruments. Airfiltronix portable tabletop clean room provides a particle and bacteria free area for a fraction of the cost of a full size clean room. This system is the best way to protect products and samples from contamination.

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Custom Fume Hoods

fume extractors Product Advantages
Ductless Fume Hoods were originally developed for cytology labs using xylene and formalin. Since then, Airfilltronix fume hoods and other products has evolved into many areas. We have found that almost any work situation which involves the use of chemicals, powders, or sprays can be made safer through the use of fume hoods to effectively capture and filtration systems. Similarly, any environment in which people and contamination and fumes exist, such as doctors' waiting rooms, smoking rooms or hospital rooms can be made safer with fume hoods by removing dust, pollen, bacteria or smoke.
Each situation regarding fume hoods and there usage must be evaluated individually to determine the best approach to using fume hoods to capture and filtration. Fume hoods must be designed to maintain a predictable flow rate through the face opening. The proper combination of blower capacity and hood face opening size will accomplish this. Many of our systems are custom designed enclosures. We work together with lab managers, plant operations supervisors, and health and safety engineers to determine an environment's filtration requirements. We then recommend a highly functional, worker oriented solution. Since the rise in drug discovery technology we have been provided the opportunity to put our expertise in fabricating custom enclosures to work. Over the past several years we have built many custom Laboratory Robotics Enclosures for numerous companies. We have the capabilties of working from your drawings or providing you with an AutoCad drawing to your specific requirements. Airfiltronix portable tabletop ductless fume hood systems are designed to enclose materials and operations under negative pressure, thereby preventing airborne contaminants from escaping into the work environment. Contaminated air is drawn through a variety of filters to remove pollutants. Filters are available for both vapors (activated Carbon) and particulates (HEPA) and they can be combined for multiple substance filtration. Our fume hoods are constructed of clear, 1/4" thick, acrylic and polycarbonate panels with sturdy aluminum framing (other panel materials are available if required). They come equipped with a clear vinyl curtain providing easy access while maintaining optimal airflow across the opening (optional door and sash configurations are available upon request). The ductless hoods can be made to order with custom sizes and features tailored to your specific needs. Blower/Filter modules are normally mounted on top of the hood, however, if space is limited they can be remotely located and connected to the fume hood via PVC hose. A high efficiency fume hood's, brushless AC motor with dynamically balanced backward curved impeller moves up to 530 cfm at a noise level of less than 68 db. If required the hood can be purchased without blower and filter units for connection to an existing venting system. Alternatively, a venting adapter kit is available for the blower to provide for both filtering and outside venting.
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