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GB-36 Portable Biosafety Glovebox
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GB-36 - Ductless Fume Hoods

GB-36 Glovebox BIosafety Enclosure - Fume Hood GB-36 Glovebox BIosafety Enclosure - Fume Hood
GB-36 Glovebox BIosafety Enclosure
Price: $3,990
Overall Dimensions: 36''W x 24''D x 32.5''H

Airfiltronix has developed a cost-effective portable biohazard enclosure for opening small packages or mail. A negative pressure HEPA filtered blower ensures that no contaminated air can escape from the enclosure and gloveports on the front of the unit prevent the operator from coming in direct contact with potentially hazardous material. Self supporting hinged doors on the left and right sides allow packages and mail to be passed in and out of the enclosure. The front panel can be easily removed for access to the inside for cleaning. Floor is 1/2" thick, easy to clean, polyethylene. The HEPA filter captures particulate down to 0.3 microns in size, small enough to capture many bacteria, including Anthrax, which is 1 to 4 microns in size. An optional carbon filter may be added for additional protection. Unit is supplied with one pair fo 14" 15 mil neoprene gloves and one pair of 15 mil neoprene glovebox gloves (please state sizes required S,M,L).
Please Note: We can manufacture this unit in many different sizes and/or configurations. Please contact us to discuss your application or send us your specifications.

Airfiltronix Corporation warrants its equipment to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of shipment.  Repair or replacement will be made at no charge at the discretion of Airfiltronix if the defect is not the result of misuse or abuse.  Airfiltronix accepts no consequential liability for delay in delivery, alleged faulty performance of the product, or any other cause. Continue Reading


Specifications For: GB-36 Glovebox BIosafety Enclosure
Model No. GB-36
Workspace 34'' x 17''H x 23''D
Overall Dim 36''W x 24''D x 32.5''H
Power Requirements 115V AC, 100 watts, 50/60 Hz, 230V AC optional for export
Weight 90 lbs.
Blower Variable speed blower allows speed adjustment from 30% to full output
Noise Level A weighted noise level 68 dB max. at 1 meter



  • GB-36 Glovebox BIosafety Enclosure - Fume Hoods
  • GB-36 Glovebox BIosafety Enclosure - Fume Hoods

Performance Statistics

Filters Installed
Max Airflow
Face Velocity
HEPA/Dacron/.5" Carbon
HEPA/Dacron/2" Carbon
0.5" Carbon
2" Carbon
2 each - 2" Carbon