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RF-1000 Tabletop Cleanroom
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RF-1000 - Clean Air Hoods

RF-1000 Tabletop Cleanroom - Fume Hoods RF-1000 Tabletop Cleanroom - Fume Hoods
RF-1000 Tabletop Cleanroom
Price: $2,545
Overall Dimensions: 24

Localized Class 100 Clean space at a Fraction of the Cost:

The RF-1000 reverses the usual airflow direction to create a dust-free work area of better than Class 100 clean air for highly sensitive samples or instruments. Airfiltronix portable tabletop clean room provides a particle and bacteria free work area for a fraction of the cost of a full size clean room. Protect products and samples from contamination.

The HEPA Filter is rated 99.99% efficient at 0.3 microns. The variable speed control allows the air flow to be reduced when you are working with sensitive samples. The enclosure measures 24" wide x 18" high x 18" deep and has a 1/2" clear acrylic top for easy viewing, 3/8" clear acrylic side panels and a 1/2" white polyethylene floor. The RF-1000 is also available in a variety of custom sizes

NOTE: The above Tabletop Cleanroom is supplied with one HEPA Filter, HP-2 and one Prefilter, PF-1R.
Please Note: We can manufacture this unit in many different sizes and/or configurations. Please contact us to discuss your application or send us your specifications.

Airfiltronix Corporation warrants its equipment to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of shipment.  Repair or replacement will be made at no charge at the discretion of Airfiltronix if the defect is not the result of misuse or abuse.  Airfiltronix accepts no consequential liability for delay in delivery, alleged faulty performance of the product, or any other cause. Continue Reading


Specifications For: RF-1000 Tabletop Cleanroom
Model No. RF-1000
Workspace 23.25''W x 17.5''D x 17''H
Overall Dim 24
Power Requirements 115V AC, 100 Watts, 50/60 Hz, 230V AC optional for export
Weight 65 lbs.
Blower 530 CFM, (free air), Backward Curved Impeller
Noise Level A weighted noise level 62dB max. at 1 meter



  • RF-1000 Tabletop Cleanroom - Fume Hood
  • RF-1000 Tabletop Cleanroom - Fume Hood

Performance Statistics

Filters Installed
Max Airflow
Face Velocity
HEPA/Dacron/.5" Carbon
HEPA/Dacron/2" Carbon
0.5" Carbon
2" Carbon
2 each - 2" Carbon


  • Further reduces particle count in existing cleanrooms
  • Dust free pharmaceutical packaging
  • Q/A testing in 'dirty' plant setting
  • Assembly of sensitive optical components
  • Electronics assembly
  • Can be used with carbon filters to prevent chemical contamination of samples inside the hood

Compatible Filters



AF-1 Airflow Alarm Unit
AP-1 Acrylic Polish
BF-1 Blocked Filter Alarm

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