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About Airfiltronix

Product Advantages of our Fume Hoods etc

There are a number of important advantages an Airfiltronix system can offer you:

  • A ductless fume hood design eliminates expensive ventilation systems. Approximately 1/10th the cost of a vented hood

  • Quiet, high efficiency blower moves contaminated air away from technician

  • Environmentally safer - reduces atmospheric pollution

  • Completely self contained and portable, requiring no special ducting

  • Quality acrylic enclosures provide clarity and durability

  • Full line of charcoal and HEPA filters to capture hazardous contaminants volatiles and particulates

  • Our fume hoods have a small footprint which allows bench-top or wall-mounted use

  • Compact design provides easy portability

  • Hood can be mounted over an existing piece of equipment or custom fabricated to fit.

  • Fast response to custom requests

  • No set-up required

  • Economical prices