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Custom Designs

Containment Hoods Only

enclosure without blowers or filtration to protect the equipment from dust or for connecting to an existing ventilation system.

Most of the enclosures are constructed of clear 1/4" thick acrylic panels with sturdy aluminum framing (other panel materials are available if required, i.e. chemical resistant, polycarbonate, polyethylene etc..). Custom ports and hinged doors can be designed to accommodate your particular application or instrument.

An optional UV sterilization lamp is available which destroys potentially contaminating DNA or RNA. A 15 watt fluorescent lamp can also be provided for ample lighting of the work area. Both the UV and fluorescent lights are provided with a control switch.

Airfiltronix fume/particle extraction devices are designed to accept a series of filters including aluminum or Dacron© pre-filters, HEPA particulate filters, activated carbon or specially treated carbon for organics, ammonia, acid gases, formaldehyde, radioactive iodine and mercury (see Filters for complete information).

Please contact us to discuss your application or send us your specifications.